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Firmware Souce Code????

9 years 10 months ago #9816 by smiths121

Is the sourcde code to the iCallDrois firmware available (and an intel cross-compiler toolchain, given the age of the kernel), I could not find an easy download. Is there a process to obtain source code (I could not see a written offer in the box)?

Why do I ask?
Datasheet says Asterisk 1.8 or beyond. Current firmware ships with Asterisk 1.6. I expect the limitation is the now the eol GUI (I actually prefer it to most of the others, as most advanced things are possible, why did Digium give it up???). I cannot therefore see how to do this, other than build my own firmware. At the moment I use an Atcom blackfin solution (very nice - GUI not as good), I would like to replace it with the iCallDroid. Both the blackfin and the iCallDriod suffer from being a hackers delight (see post near the bottom of page 1), if you start having to relax firewall rules on 5060, as fail2ban (or equivalent) and geoip are currently not supported. I have resorted therefore to using a Raspberry PI as a SBC in front of the Blackfin (to replaced) - deploying both fail2ban and geoip - rather deafeating the purpose of having the iCallDriod, as a Grandstream FXO/FXS gateway is even cheaper nd would serve the purpose.

By the way I have 2 x iCallDriod - as I expect I am going to break one as my embedded LINUX "foo" is poor at the best of times, and mostly MIPS based!.

I can see these babies are ARM6, (cortext M3 no FPU I think) and the flash layout is set in the kernel command line (there is also a tty set up suggesting there is a console on "possibly to soldered pins").

Thanks in advanced for any help

9 years 10 months ago #9827 by svolta
Please contact our sales for help, or you can send me your email address, I will let our sales contact you.
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