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Once again - GSM Status INIT

6 years 2 weeks ago #12050 by mh001
Good day!
I have the same problem like many topics on forum without any solution.

We have VS-GW1202-8G with 1 GWM400G card installed.
I can't register SIMs via this gateway, but no problem via cellular phone.
The information screen shows "GSM status INIT" status. When i insert new SIM-card i can see

I can see I can see message like SIM card inserted and removed. But all AT commands failed. The AT logs looks like:
1970-01-01 04:22:32 TX:[AT]
1970-01-01 04:22:34 TX:[AT]
1970-01-01 04:22:35 TX:[AT]
1970-01-01 04:22:37 TX:[AT]
1970-01-01 04:22:38 TX:[AT]
1970-01-01 04:22:40 TX:[AT]
1970-01-01 04:22:41 TX:[AT]
1970-01-01 04:22:43 TX:[AT]
1970-01-01 04:22:44 TX:[AT]
1970-01-01 04:22:51 A

The same problem with all 4 slots, 3 different firmware (2.2.0, 2.2.2 and 2.4.6) and different SIMs.
How we can resolve that?
6 years 2 weeks ago - 6 years 2 weeks ago #12051 by
Hi Sir,

Sorry for the trouble. Could you show me module firmware version? You can follow below steps to check it:
MODULE ---> Toolkit, Function: Send AT Command, Action: AT+CGMR

If all 4 ports on one module shows INIT, pls check module firmware version from hardware. There is a tag on module which starts with "M35A" or "M35F" or "SIIM840". Pls record it and show it for me.

BTW, pls prepare a Win7 32bits or XP system in advance. The pc needs to be the same LAN network with your gsm gateway without VPN.

For convenient contact, you can add my skype: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
6 years 2 weeks ago #12052 by mh001
All for slots failed with message "TIMEOUT Failed". The chip on the board marked with:
Something else maybe ?
6 years 2 weeks ago #12053 by
Hi Sir,

So the module is M35A. We need try to flash module firmware. Pls follow below manual to update module firmware for it:

Here are tools and firmware you need:

Pls note:
1. All the steps of manual only can execute on Win7 32bits or XP system. For other OS, the flash tools can't work.
2. The PC needs to be the same LAN network with GSM gateway without VPN.
6 years 2 weeks ago - 6 years 2 weeks ago #12055 by mh001
If successfully flashed module with given firmware but things not much changed. I can see the same error: "TIMEOUT failed".
For reliability i even flash it twice!. The stages of process:
What the next steps ?
6 years 2 weeks ago #12056 by
Hi Sir,

Sorry for the trouble. I have checked your picture. All your steps are correct. So, i think there is hardware problem.

Pls contact the person who you bought the GSM gateway for RMA. The boards need to send us for checking.
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