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DTMF problem with OpenVox VS-GW1600

11 years 3 days ago #8885 by Denins.Den
Please Change the Microphone Volume from 3 to 0, then try again

web broswer:
GSM ---> GSM Settings --->click in one gsm module you test ---> Microphone Volume use zero
11 years 3 days ago #8886 by glk
We've set Microphone volume to 0, but still there is problem. In fact we've checked the passed DTMF codes at the other end and we've seen that there are more digits passed through. For example, we've dialed 2108013267 and at the destination end it has arrived 21080113267 (an additional digit "1" has been added).

Could that help you to advice further ?
11 years 3 days ago #8887 by hua

Sorry to cause you trouble, Please give us some time . Next week we will release a new firmware to solve this bug.

Best regards
11 years 3 days ago #8888 by glk
Looking forward to the new firmware, as mentioned.
11 years 2 days ago #8890 by glk
Hi team,

We've extensively tested DTMF using any combination of codec and dtmf modes. We've reached the result that DTMF is not working at all.
In more details for any combination there are digits loss or digits duplicated passed at the other end.
Especially for G.729 the IVR prompts are also broken and cannot even listen completely them.
So, we think you have to review deeply the DTMF functionality completely and provide a solution.
Looking forward to your fast re-action as we cannot use the Gateway and we'll be forced to send it back.
11 years 1 day ago #8893 by Denins.Den
Sorry for the inconvenience, We will release a stable firmware next week, also will solve the DTMF issues,
please send me a email, so when the firmware is OK, i will send you email to notice in first time

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Best Regards!
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