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Shenzhen, China – 6 March, 2012--OpenVox Communication Co. Ltd, a global leading provider of the most advanced open source Asterisk® telephony hardware and software products, has announced today to release a new tapping application. With the TAP100, the recording application will share one more solution.

Up to 30 conversations of tapping performance, the TAP100 will meet various requirements, such as security, customer service and some specific circumstances. IPPBX administrator may also easily monitor and record the conversations while the solution takes an affordable price.

“Coming with the no-slot design, it will bring more installation possibility and a low cost to users.” said Lin Miao, the president of OpenVox, “The TAP100 will enhance the functions of the open source IP-PBX and enable users to do more, especially the for the security fields. With the combination of open source hardware and software, easy and cost-effective application will be available and closer to the users.”

The TAP100 supports up to 2000 ohms high line impedance on tapped E1/T1/J1 transmission lines, providing a non-intrusive tapping. Based on driver-free and 2U design, the TAP100 can be installed in lots of environments.

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