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OpenVox GSM gateway is committed to provide flexible solutions to network convergence between VoIP network and GSM network.



Call Center and Communication within Company

Application 1: SOHO

Imaging that everyone in your company needs to use phone to communicate with their customers.

For example, if there are 20 employees in your company who need to make calls out, according to traditional way, you need at least 20 telephones, and a telephone exchange.

Now, OpenVox GSM gateway provides a solution to reduce the cost and enhance the features. You just need to pay for 20 SIM cards and a OpenVox GSM Gateway, then you can get a SIP server and 20 GSM channels. It can support 20 users making calls at the same time.

OpenVox gateway can be used as SIP server. You can create many SIP counts for your company and install SIP phones (or softphones). The gateway will send calls to GSM network and receive calls from GSM network.

Application 2: Large Company

Maybe you are encountering such a situation that you have a large call center or soft switch in the company, so it is indispensable to prepare numbers of channels to access traditional telephone network. Expanding the capacity of channels with Analog PSTN lines or ISDN lines should be an option, but additional cable wiring is not so convenient for your situation, so wireless solution is a better choice. OpenVox GSM gateway can provide you a perfect one in easiest way.

Employees can call each other completely free of charge within the company. And they can make outbound calls and receive incoming calls via centralized GSM interfaces. If the capacity of GSM channels is not sufficient, you can just add more GSM gateways to meet your needs without any changes on the original network architecture.

Application 3: Branch Office Communications

Large scaled distributed communication system’s deployment is very important and challenging for a large corporation with numbers of branches all over the world. All related services and devices, such as Voice Message Storage, Directory Services, International Call Routing and Endpoint Administration, should be managed by a centralized IP-PBX server at a central location. Each branch office is assigned an Endpoint device to associate with the central Server through internet connection for complete communication.

However, unless properly implemented, this can leave the remote or branch office vulnerable in the event that the IP Connection between the central installation and branch office is lost. In many cases, if this connection is lost, the endpoint becomes useless and all communication capabilities are lost. Only if you setup a stand-alone server at each branch office and configure proper interface for accessing to PSTN network.

OpenVox provides a solution to reduce the need for additional equipment and personnel at the remote or branch office with deployment of VoxStack GSM gateway. OpenVox GSM gateway can act as both SIP client and SIP server, so you have no need to setup a stand-alone server to be responsible for internal communication within branch office. Once the IP connection is failed, IP phones behind the OpenVox gateway will continue to call each other, be routed to a backup switch or connect directly to GSM network.

Application 4: SMS Solutions

OpenVox GSM gateway not only support voice calls but also can act as a SMS modem for sending and receiving SMS. The most magic feature is that you can use it to send very long messages up to thousands of characters within one concatenated SMS. It provides some different ways to send/receive SMS. You can choose a proper one based on your requirements.

Now OpenVox GSM Gateway can support 4 ways to send and receive SMS.

1. Web GUI

You can use the WEB interface of OpenVox GSM gateway to send and receive messages;

2. AMI Interface

You can create your own applications to send/receive SMS based on use AMI (Asterisk Manager Interface).

3. HTTP interface

You can also use the http interface to send SMS. It is the easiest way and you can use it on any platform.

4. Email2SMS and SMS2Email function

It is a amazing feature for managing SMS remotely. You can send SMS by sending a Email with specific format and receive SMS with your Email inbox.