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OpenVox IX160(P) Series IPPBX

A standard 19” 1U IPPBX;

Combination FXS/FXO, BRI, E1/T1/J1 or transcoding interfaces;

Up to 600 concurrent calls and 2000 users.

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  • Specifications

    OpenVox IX160/160P is a standard 19” 1U high-performance PBX solutions. Designed and rigorously tested for optimal performance, this appliance allows users to integrate up to 2 pieces of OpenVox PCI-E telephony interface cards, with any combinations of FXS/FXO, BRI, E1/T1/J1 or transcoding interfaces.

    The IX160/160P adds support for i3 and i5 motherboards to provide more powerful performance and can handle up to 600 concurrent calls and thousands of user extensions. In addition, IX160/160P can integrate a variety of high-definition audio/video codecs, bringing users a high-fidelity, high-definition audio/video call experience.

    The IX160/160P supports comprehensive protocol conversion, including SIP, IAX2 protocols in IP side and BRI, PRI, SS7, R2 in CPE side. Taking the full advantages of open source platform, the IX160/160P will be preloaded with OpenVox UC system, Issabel, FreePBX, VitalPBX, PBX in a Flash, Elastix® IPPBX software. The optional pre-installed OpenVox UC system makes the deployment, configuration, and use of a PBX system ever easier. Getting started is a breeze with a user-friendly GUI. Powerful IX devices allow enterprises to grow while minimizing communication costs.

    OpenVox IX160/160P is a risk-free solution with built-in Redundant Power Supply (RPS) and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that keeps your system and data away from damage or lost caused by unexpected power failure. The optional hardware RAID 1 support provides better data backup for your system. When RAID1 is installed, thus users can see the status of the storage devices and be alerted when hard drive(HDD/SSD) is crashed, then simply replace a backup hard drive ASAP.

      Models   IX160   IX160P
    CPU 1.83GHz Intel(R) Celeron(R) N2930 3.20 GHz Intel(R) i5
    RAM Up to 8GB DDR3L 1333 Up to 32GB DDR4 2400
    Storage MSATA SSD and 2.5 inch SATA HDD
      Max Analog Ports 48
      Max BRI Ports 8
      Max E1/T1/J1 Ports 4 16
    Recommended User Capacity 200 1200
    Max Concurrent Calls*

    600 Concurrent Calls with G.711 Codec,
    200 Concurrent Calls with G.729 Codec

    1600 Concurrent Calls with G.711 Codec,
    800 Concurrent Calls with G.729 Codec

    Recommended Call Capacity 120 Calls 600 Calls
    NIC 2* 10/100/1000M
    Display HDMI
    USB 2 USB2.0 2 USB3.0
    Power Supply 100-240V AC
    Power Consumption 20W 60W
    Dimension 440*335*44mm
    Net Weight 4127g
    Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 50 °C
    Storage Temperature -40 °C ~ 125 °C
    Humidity 10 ~ 90% NON-CONDENSING

    *Maximum number of calls tested under laboratory conditions

    Technical Specifications

    • Protocol: SIP (RFC3261), IAX2
    • Transmission protocol: UDP, TCP, TLS, SRTP
    • Codec: G711 (alaw/ulaw), G722, G723.1 G726, G729, GSM, ADPCM, iLBC, H263, H263P, H264
    • DTMF: In-band, RFC2833, SIP INFO
    • IP Services: static IP, DHCP, VPN, firewall, PPPoE, bridging
    • Firewall: Yes
    • T.38 Fax: Yes
    • UPS: Yes (Optional)
    • RAID: Yes (Optional)
    • Redundant Power Supply: Yes (Optional)

    Typical Applications

    • Optional Pre-loaded Free Open Source IPPBX System
    • Combination of FXS/FXO, BRI, E1/T1/J1 Interface
    • PRI/SS7/R2 to SIP Gateway
    • PRI/SS7/R2/FXS/FXO/BRI Signaling Converter
    • PRI/SS7/R2 TDMoE Gateway
    • Flexible Applications Selection (IPPBX or Firewall)
    • Zero Touch Provisioning
    • User Control Panel

    Combination Options

    • A400E/A(E)810E/A(E)1610E/A(E)2410E
    • B(E)200E/B(E)400E
    • D(E)130E/D(E)230E/D(E)430E/D(E)830E/D(E)1630E

    Except A400E, all compatible cards can be applied together with EC module.

    IX160/160P supports combination of two cards, for example:

    • A(E)1610E + B(E)400E
    • D(E)430E + B(E)400E
    • D(E)430E+A(E)2410E
    • D(E)430E + A(E)1610E
    • A(E)810E + A(E)810E

    Software & Platform:

    • OpenVox UC system, Issabel,FreePBX,VitalPBX,Elastix,BrikerPBX

    Note: The OpenVox UC system has not yet been adapted to the telephony card, if you need to install the telephony cards, please use other system such as FreePBX/Issabel.

  • Features

    • G.711(a-law & μ-law), G.722, OPUS, AMR-NB/WB, SILK, G723.1, G726, G729, GSM, ADPCM, iLBC, H263, H263P, H264, VP8, etc.
    • Support SIP & IAX2
    • Echo canceller
    • Simple and Convenient Configuration via Web GUI
    • User Portal
    • Extension User Privileges
    • System Administrators Monitor
    • Event Notification
    • Support Backup/Restore
    • Remote Management
    • Hot Standby
    • System resource monitoring
    • Network configuration
    • Support VLAN
    • Support Static Route
    • DHCP server for dynamic IP
    • Support Fail2ban
    • Secure communications (SRTP & TLS encryption)
    • Support Multiple VPN protocols including Open- VPN, L2TP, N2N, SSTP(Not available for EAEU)
    • Import/Export Extensions
    • Support SIP Forking
    • Call Transfer/Forwarding/Waiting
    • Follow-Me (Find me calling)/Ring Group/Queue
    • Quickly Auto Provision IP Phones
    • Support IMS VoLTE
    • Flexible Inbound/Outbound Route
    • Call Blacklisting
    • Support international call restrictions
    • AutoCLIP
    • Time Condition
    • PIN List
    • Automated Attendant (IVR)
    • Phonebook
    • LDAP Service
    • DISA (Direct Inward System Access)
    • Conference bridge/service
    • Call Back
    • Call Parking
    • Paging and Intercom
    • Speed Dials
    • Call Recording
    • Customizable announcements
    • Music On Hold
    • Support Open API Protocol (based on Asterisk)
    • Click2call
    • WebPhone
    • Access Control Interface based on ACL
    • AI TTS
    • Support for video calls and presence
    • SIP Instant Messaging
    • Voicemail
    • Missed Calls Notification
    • Remote SMTP Email Server
    • Antispam support
    • Support Mail Relay
    • Fax to Email
    • Hotel & Wakeup Service
    • Call Detail Records (CDR)
    • Billing Report


    Preloaded System

    The default preloaded system is UC-Series-4.2.0-2010-20201029.

    Other optional preloaded system:

    • Freepbx SNG7-FPBX-64bit-2008-1
    • issabel4-USB-DVD-x86_64-20200102
  • Use Cases

    IX PBX