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icalldroid halted after calls with sip softphone

6 years 3 months ago #11888 by Solidakis
I have an icalldroid, and I use it regularely with a voip phone and a normal phone in my office for months without any problem.
I installed a software android phone and connected it through sip protocol and although it functioned normally the call center would halt some time later in the day? This happened many days until I stopped used the android client.
It would function normally after reboot the next day.
What can be the reason?
Some times I would leave the office and the android client would probably be disconnected, but why should this cause trouble.
I noticed that the root disk is 100% full. Is this normal? How can empty some space
Thank you
6 years 3 months ago #11890 by hua

Please check if you open the recorder function, It may caused halt issue . By the way you can think about our new UC series. Icalldroid is out of service .
6 years 3 months ago #11891 by Solidakis
Thank you,
Where is the recorder function?
How can I delete recorded messages?
Thank you
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