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hardware compatibility info with series H55/P55/H67/P67 motherboard!

13 years 4 months ago #6631 by svolta

Incompatible list:

After our tests, we found that there were compatible issues between the following cards and motherboard:
Cards Motherboard(series) Compatiblity Motherboard Compatibility
D110P/D110E H55/P55/H67/P67 No X58 Yes
Cards Motherboard(series) Compatiblity Motherboard Compatibility
D115P/D115E/D130P/D130E H55/P55/H67/P67 Yes X58 Yes

Latest model D115P/D115E/D130P/D130E was proved compatible with H55/P55/H67/P67 chipset. user have to use these motherboard can select corresponding models.

Or user can select X58 series chipset to use with these model(RED color).
13 years 2 months ago #6900 by siouxes
And what about other cards? For example DE115E?

And why you didn't specify the exact chipset? P55 and so on is very generic...

I have a Dell T110 (with Intel 3400 chipset) and D110E that seems to be incompatible, and it is not P55, btw some chipset component is the same.

How we can ('we' means 'openvox customer') buy a server to use your card without 'surprise' ???

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13 years 2 months ago #6901 by Jessie.liao
Could you please show what error detected when D110 worked on Dell T110?
Perhaps it has some wrong with your configuration.

13 years 1 week ago #7036 by NetSky

We have a Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3L rev 2.3 motherboard.

We want to order (with regarding of our specification) whis 4 PCI Card
DE115P - 1 psc
A1200P - 1 pcs
G400P - 2 psc

question: Will this cards work on this motherboard? If Not, please specify other cards witch you are recommend.

Thank you.
Best regards.
13 years 1 week ago #7040 by NetSky
Please responce for my message urgently. Wich motherboard (chipset) (exept X58) you are recommend for our Cards ? Thank you

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13 years 1 week ago #7042 by svolta
A1200P should not be used in your GA-P55-UD3L, maybe you can use our new product A810P or A1610P instead of A1200P!
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