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SMS status

9 years 10 months ago #9912 by Eppi

it is possible to get sms status information that the sms received the receiver?

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9 years 10 months ago #9914 by Michael.zou
you can see the picture below, is it your means?

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9 years 10 months ago #9916 by Eppi
is it possible to get this information through "sms to http" api?

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9 years 10 months ago #9917 by lindali

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9 years 10 months ago #9918 by Denins.Den
Hi Eppi,
If you want to sms sending report for http api, just enable the option like below:

Attachment 20140901212444.jpg not found

and you said you want to get info throuth "sms to http", can you explain this function?
9 years 7 months ago - 9 years 7 months ago #10051 by soloma
Hi, Den!
Enabling option "Report JSON" only allow to accept report of sending message status, it is not requested reciept. In WEB GUI it is only available in SMS Outbox.
For remote access to status reports of sent SMS I have to parse AT logs or SMS Outbox log and then send this information to remote system. In another way I use scp and repeatedly copy outbox file to remote system.This messages is not acceptable in AMI or another usable interface. All of this solution are not good and may cause loss of information.
This sample from CLI log shows that report is accepted and fully decoded by gsm module of asterisk.
1:<<< 0 0031000C81XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX0000FF0EF3B0993C279B41B2194D36A301 -- +CSQN: 23, 0 , 12
 		1:<<< 0 0031000C81XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX0000FF0EF3B0993C279B41B2194D36A301 -- +CDS: 25 , 8
 		1:<<< 1 0031000C81XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX0000FF0EF3B0993C279B41B2194D36A301 -- 0791836027201111060D0C81XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX411132003301804111320053338000 , 66
 SMS Report PDU = 0791836027201111060D0C81XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX411132003301804111320053338000
 Status = 0
 SMSC Length = 7
 SMSC Type-of-address = 0x91
 SMSC Number = +380672021111
 PDU Type = 0x6
 PDU MR = 0xd
 Sender number length = 12
 Sender Type-of-address = 0x81
 TP Service Center Time Stamp = 14112300331008
 TP Discharge Time = 14112300353308
You have the very nice "SMS to HTTP" API that can be used to send status report. It can be implemented with new API "Report to HTTP" or adding some new keys at existing one.
Fields required to resolove original SMS:
Status = 0
PDU MR = 0xd
TP Service Center Time Stamp = 14112300331008
TP Discharge Time = 14112300353308
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